1. Manufacturing Control System (3D Printing DRM)

    The Invention Science Fund I, LLC has been granted a US Patent for a 3D Printing DRM System to stop you from printing whatever you like- Before you even could.

    Story from TorrentFreak.

    From the patent abstract:

    Methods and systems for a manufacturing control system include but are not limited to [1] identifying at least one object data file configured to produce an object by a manufacturing machine; [2] confirming that an authorization code is associated with the object data file, the authorization code configured to be received by the manufacturing machine, the manufacturing machine adapted to receive the authorization code; and [3] enabling the manufacturing machine to interface with the object data file only if the authorization code meets one or more predetermined conditions.

    (emphasis added)

    These patent hoarders and manufacturers believe they can fence you in through force of law. And when patents like FDM finally approach expiration, the praetorians of the old order will ensure their monopolies are enshrined for another lifetime. Their friends in government will help them. 

    Not a moment to lose.

    Oh, guess who found an SOT willing to help him print?

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